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Content Creation

S  E  R  V  I  C  E  S

At home in the Hi-Tech Division; Photo + Video shoots, event bookings, graphic design, and more! Long story short, these are one-of-a-kind creative services built custom for any endeavor! Head to the Digital Room to book!


VPH's Lo-Tech Division has opened
the vault, offering random drops of timeless
fine art to the world in various physical forms.
Head to the Print room to access these exclusives!

P R I N T  S H O P

2M Packages

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Product Details

Introducing, 2M Packages!!!

Note: If you have any question's feel free to put them in the "Concept Explained" portion of the above. Also, click "show more" & scroll down to read about some "FAQs" which explain the entirety of what you'll get with the packages above.

"2M" in this case means "two medium".

Here, we offer packages of art work in digital AND physical form. Visi00n Production House is the only place out there with capabilities as versatile as ours. Get everything your family or business needs with a bundle from the 2M room.

Or surprise the family with a group photoshoot session and their choice of which prints to get!!!

The possibilities are endless with these new 2M Packages... Your one-stop-shop awaits!"

People of all walks of life can benefit;

For instance, take the load off - if wearing creative hats in your business is overwhelming, you're in the right place!

Lines of communication will stay open for the duration of your subscription. Keep in mind this will be an immersive experience. Be prepared to get deep into the concept of your project alongside us!


"Visi00n Production House is a great place to both; build foundations - and sustain a growing business. Thank you kindly."

- R.T.

"I think the world needed this. Buffet-style production services built for GO GETTERS! All you can eat at unbeatable prices!!!"

- D.F.

"Surprised our Grandparents in Minnesota with the Family Kit we got from Visi00n Production House. They absolutely LOVED the prints! "

- T.JR


"Hi-Tech" = From the creative minds at the Digital Art Division. Contents of your order are digitally created & delivered electronically.

"Lo-Tech" = From the skilled hands at The Basement's Production Division. Contents of your order are created on physical medium & delivered via shipping courier to the address you specify.

"Print's" = High Quality luster photo paper

"Iron-on vinyl" = Vinyl designs plotted & cut with a professional cutter for the purpose of ironing onto fabric. This is permanent. (note: adequate heat, pressure, and duration make this a permanent design)

"Brand-Psych Strategy Session" = An immersive experience where we dig deep together, finding out what it takes to move your audience in ways that can produce powerful results.

"Concept-Based Print Products" = This is a good one here, based on your concept, you will get some of these in your kit! Products including: Aprons, mugs, wall paper murals (best for semi-permanent backdrops), custom tray's, keychains, and more!

"Concept-Based Acrylic Painting" = Devon Zayd El (Weaver) has been painting on canvas for over 2 decades and he is experienced in abstract, landscape, and surrealistic styles. Your concept will be heavily embedded in the finished product. The WOW factor is real with this service, from the presidential 2M bundle.

"Vinyl Decals" = Vinyl designs plotted & cut with a professional cutter for the purpose of applying to different types of metal, glass, plastic, wood, cardstock, & more. Indoor & Outdoor Use.

"concept-based" = generated from a premeditated story or idea

"SEO" = Search Engine Optimization

"Showing up on search engines by the strategic use of things like keywords - in various areas of your website. This gets the algorithm to rank you higher than competitors. In other words, when your target audience goes to their favorite search engine and types something their looking for, YOU will pop up higher, or more times on the list of search results. That's better odds - that's good news!"

"UI/UX" = User Interface / User Experience

interface = systems and softwares

experience = "the vibe" or flow. A visitors experience should evoke a feeling that produces loyalty and retention.

"Home St. Presi Kit" = A kit for those who may need things like, door decals, car decals, cup decals, floor decals, etcetera!

"Decal" = A sticker. Ours are cut custom from slabs and rolls of high quality indoor and outdoor vinyl.

"E-Marketing Assets" = Proposal templates, Motion Graphic Slideshows, Social Media Posts & Graphics, etc. Designs built for web publishing, and electronic sharing, but can be used for a variety of things.

"Marketing Assets" = Custom Paper/Cardstock (business cards, postcards, thank you cards, stationaries, invitations, brochures, etc.), Flyer's, and more. Designs built for physical printing & publishing, but can be used for a variety of things.

"Stationaries" = Menu's, Resume's, Custom Portfolio's, Infographic's, etc.

"Film Distribution Kit" = Built for social media, Use this option if you need a batch of concept-based 1-2 minute videos. Businesses use this option for intriguing, or vlog style social media strategies.

"Design Distribution Kit" = Built for social media, Use this option if you need a batch of concept-based design work. Businesses use this option for informative social media strategies.

"Enhancements" = Color grading, overlays, collages, cropping, photo-manipulation & more!

"Engineering" = In this case, the science of using a concept to produce a captivating audiovisual film

"Rendering" = Exporting at the best quality for the intended purpose

"Custom Pieces" = YOUR CHOICE of concept, created by US

"Pro. Portfolio" = Business Proposal Template

"Brand Kit" = Typography & Copywrite, Color Theory, Logo's & Wordmarks, Identity

"Identity" = Conceptual Persona

(i.e Carbon V2 comes with 2-3 Logo's)

*could also be used to BRAND a new product, collection, idea, or more!*

"D2D Assets" = Custom Cards, Newsletter's, Poster's, Envelopes, Poly-mailers etc.! These designs are built for things meant to be printed and mailed to your chosen recipient.

"ShortScene" : A 1 - 2 minute long conceptual video.

"Metal Print's" = High Res photo developed onto a durable piece of metal! The subtle finish, seen in the photo's undertones - provides a lasting glory! Built to hang, or feature in a variety of other ways.

"Framed Print's" = High Quality print's wedged in between glass to frame with your choice of a grey black or white border for a stunning effect that compliments a variety of interiors.

"Alacarte Codes" = IF YOU SPEND $300 or more, use one of these codes on the checkout page that ask's for a "promo code" Whatever the code will get you - is on the house, you're welcome!

"DISTRIBUTOR" (7pc) Box Mailer Set

"FENG-SHUI": (1) 11x13 Print, (2) 8x10 Print's, (2) 5x7 Print's

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