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"Cyclomancy is a form of divination based on spinning an object and deriving predictions

or conclusions from the object's final resting direction. We practice this in our own way.

 Ultimately landing on a powerfully unique end-result, comprised of all the energy

harnessed from spinning a concept multiple ways throughout the creation process.  

"Our artwork will speak to the conscious mind, and rest with the

subconscious. Making your mark on the world with your idea, your

product, service, even your brand - will open unseen doors. "

vph (2).png



We know sometimes words can't explain what a raw sketch can...

Use the drawing board to save a visual representation of your idea!

Wait... Before you think of it, we understand you're may not be the digital Picasso, or

that you may think you don't have creativity in you... But It's there, you've got to channel it!

Think hard about your drawing, don't hesitate. Whatever you draw up will be interpreted seriously!

Note: Use your brands color scheme (RGB). This color selection process should give you

a good idea of how web colors work together. When your sketch is complete; use the

the save button, or your device's screenshot function to capture a photo. You will use

this drawing as an asset in communications with a VPH Creator or as a Creator, in The

Visi00n Board Room.